Hilbert Space Model Programs


HSM Common Programs

These are required for all of the programs below



This is a model for collections of one and two way tables made from binary variables.

This is described in http://jbusemey.pages.iu.edu/quantum/HilbertPsyRev.pdf and in arXiv:1704.04623v1 [quant-ph]



This is a model for one and two way tables made for variables with 2,3,4 values.

This is described in http://jbusemey.pages.iu.edu/quantum/DataFusion.pdf




This is a model for the real data example with six 2 by 2 tables described in http://jbusemey.pages.iu.edu/quantum/DataFusion.pdf



This is a model for the face data example a one and a two way table described in  http://jbusemey.pages.iu.edu/QvsM.pdf



This is a model for order effects for two – way tables of arbitrary size

This is described in http://rsta.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/374/2058/20150098



Dynamic Models


This contains a model for the change in beliefs during evidence monitoring described in http://jbusemey.pages.iu.edu/quantum/DblConf.pdf


This also contains the open systems model described in